EqDT IAED/Certified Advanced

profilepicSteve has worked with horses for many years, from grooming when he was a youngster to training thoroughbreds for high goal polo. A lot of his experience has been with younger horses, starting them off in their early years.

As owners or trainers working closely with our four legged companions, you will know there will be times when you are pulling your hair out trying to work out why certain horses are playing up or not performing to their optimum.

One day, having hired a good Equine Dental Technician Steve found that several of the horses he had struggled with in training, were suddenly so much better. He discovered something which he had been overlooking.  He then decided that he would like to learn more about this fascinating profession. The more he learned, the more passionate he became. He heard about a course running in the States being run by a vet, which was said to have a good reputation as being one of the best schools around. After completing his course he worked alongside several of the top dentists in the world gaining valuable knowledge and experience. He has never looked back

After spending several years running his own practice in the UK, working with some of the English polo teams, as well as some international dressage clients, he eventually decided to make the big move home to South Africa. He is currently situated in Kwa­Zulu Natal but does travel Nationally and Internationally.

I feel I can help so many horses in this profession as it is often overlooked and horse owners do not understand the importance and impact correct Dentistry has on their much loved horses.  I am truly passionate about the work I do and aim to better the profession with each individual patient I treat” – Steve Clark


  • Eric Clearly apprenticeship
  • American School of Equine Dentistry.: Graduated
  • Spent time learning from Dennis Lynch and Fernando Martinez
  • Spent time preparing for IAED Certification with Mark Slingsby IAED/EX As Sponsor
  • Certified with the International Association Of Equine Dentistry Steve Clark IAED/C
  • Advanced Certified with the International Association Of Equine Dentistry Steve Clark IAED/CA


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