There are many benefits for both you and your horse in having healthy balanced teeth, including the obvious health benefits. There are also financial and safety benefits:


  • Better utilization of grazing and hard feed, which can save you up to 40% on your feed bills.
  • Decreased discomfort caused by bits and better response and balance in stopping, turning and collecting.
  • Can reduce the chance of getting recurring and certain muscle problems in the back, neck and legs which is often related to teeth and the TMJ joint.
  • Excessive pain in the TMJ joint can shorten the horses stride. The horses movement can become restricted affecting the horses overall performance in most equine activities.
  • Generally horses under the age of ten years should be seen at least once every six months. Horses over the age of ten, once per year. This will ensure your horses teeth can be monitored from a young age and throughout its life. This will ensure that no serious problems develop and if something should arise, it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. High performance horses need their teeth checked every six months regardless of age.
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