Common Dental Issues and their Effects on the Horse

If our domesticated horses do not get the correct dental care at regular intervals, minor issues in the mouth can progressively escalate to become major issues. These issues often result in painful consequences for the horse. The following are examples of mouths I have worked on recently. They are good examples of why it is so important to maintain regular treatment for your horse.

This geriatric horse could not eat due to the long corner incisors on the right and top left. The molars had all sorts Р waves hooks etc

This is what happens when you have a damaged or missing incisor and the opposing toothe erupts into that cavity, creating a diagonal waved incisor

This series of pics shows the hooks on the upper pre molars before and after, with bit seats installed

Geratric mouth with expired molars. wave mouth and tongue laceration

Smiled incisors before and After correction

Waved slanted incisors. Makes for a very one sided horse

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